Past Player Memories Part 4 – Ian Lennard

Nickname – Boony

Ruts Appearances – 336

Ruts Goals – 300

Question 1 – When did you join the Old Ruts and why?

In 1990, because my brother encouraged me to and at 17, frankly unless I was getting paid to play, I didn’t really have any other choice 😉

Question 2 – What was your most memorable match and why?

Beating Worcester Park at Malden Vale in 1999 in the League Cup Semi Final after they had knocked us out in the Surrey Cup Semi the week before, in which H & I both missed due to injury! I’ve since had 15 years of Erol & his crew talking about the first Ruts first Surrey Cup Win!

Question 3 – Who was the best Manager/Captain you played under?

Howard ‘H’ Meredith – although god knows how he thought I was a defender and played me at Sweeper! Great team talks sometimes in a Dutch sounding accent. Really miss him.

Question 4 – Your funniest Ruts Football Memory.

Definitely H’s Wife Ivette stopping a game at the club for “An emergency” when she couldn’t remember the WiFi code at home!

Question 5 – What is your least favourite Ruts Football Memory?

None I loved it all, which you only realise later, as I did having had to stop playing at 28.

Question 6 – Best Player you ever played with for the Ruts?

Alan Whiter & Trigger I always felt if they were both playing we had more chances of winning (Trig was probably younger than 20 when I stopped playing so the nights before weren’t yet affecting him!)

Question 7 – Favourite Goal you scored or were part of in the build up?

The 4th goal against Sheen Athletic in the last game of the season. Newcs played a long ball down the line, which Wally did a lovely step over dummy! I ran on to it and crossed for Gappy to make it 4-0. We had needed to win our last 7 games to win the league and we did!

Question 8 – Most embarrassing moment in a Ruts Shirt? (Playing or Socially)

None really, so I’d have to say me using Iain Worley’s name for 5 bookings a season once I’d hit my quota.