Pre-Season Training Update/New Players Welcome

Pre-season Training will commence on Wednesday the 5th August at 7pm. So we request a 6.45pm arrival to ensure a prompt start.

Training will be held at King Georges, Tudor Drive, SM4 4PN until the Playing Season actually commences at the Old Rutlishians Clubhouse, Poplar Road SW19 3JS.

If you are interested in joining us please contact either,

Football Chairman Craig Wellstead on 07969 956682, or via

1st XI Joint Manager George Tidey on 07731 544749, or via

New Senior Players Welcome to join us for 2020/21

COVID-19 permitting – Pre-Season Training is provisionally scheduled to commence on Wednesday the 15th July at King Georges Playing Field, Tudor Drive, Morden, SM4 4PN for a prompt 7.00pm start.

If you are interested in joining us please contact either,

Football Chairman Craig Wellstead on 07969 956682, or

1st XI Joint Manager George Tidey on 07731 544749, or

You can also find us on Twitter –

Please note this is Saturday Football (PM)

2019 -2020 Player Milestones

Club Appearances

Steve Berry                   700th                   1ST FEBRUARY 2020

Simon Minihane          600th                   11TH JANUARY 2020

Dean Riordan               300th                   26TH OCTOBER 2019

George Tidey                150th                   21ST SEPTEMBER 2019

Kieran O’Driscoll          100th                   26TH AUGUST 2019

Zac Graham                  100th                   23RD NOVEMBER 2019

Sam Maclean               100th                   11TH JANUARY 2000

Dima Silenko                100th                   21 SEPTEMBER 2019

There were no Goal Milestones this Season.

Our thanks go to Wally and Graham Winter for maintaining our Records. The awards will be presented in due course.

A message from our Community minded Legend Mr Wellstead.

Special praise I’d like to give out today to Lee Poulter and Nick Skilton who I asked if they could possibly drop food at food bank at 10 then collect from Morrison’s at 2 and 5 then drop off at Old Ruts.

Their day went something like this 11am drop off at food bank 11.30am collect 100 cartons of milk from Morrison’s take to old ruts and put in upstairs kitchen fridges 12.45 make up and deliver a food box 1.30 collect from Wetherspoons all there groceries and take / unload at old ruts 2.15 Morrison’s pick up and drop at old ruts ( each drop includes sorting items into correct sections ) 3pm 2 more food box drop offs 5pm Morrison’s pick up and take to Old Ruts 5.45 make up 2 more boxes and drop off at 2 different addresses in Merton 6.45 arrive home I haven’t got the heart to ask if they are still ok for tomorrow ( I know they will be ) just an example among many I’m sure of the effort and drive we all have for this PS I’ll let you know when they turn in for tomorrow’s shift 📷 COYD COYOR

Quality work Skilts and Trig and many, many more people.

Joint Community Scheme

Old Ruts helping in the Local Merton Community in collaboration @AFCWimbledon, @DonsLocalAction, The Alexander Pub @TheAlexSW19 @VolunteerMerton

A collective initiative from a number groups in the local community as follows.

When you go shopping and if you are able to add a few of the following items onto your shop, they can be delivered to, or collected from the Old Ruts by Volunteers and taken to the elderly, or needy folk in Merton ( inc our members ) who are unable to go out presently, or even at all.

The club will only be available for drop off between 8 – 5 on Saturdays . Also if you are available to spare some time can you please let us know as will need drivers to deliver / people to walk dogs / answer phones etc.

Cereal – large box and medium box, Soup, Pasta – 500g packs, Rice – 1kg or 500g packs, Bananas, Tinned tomatoes, Pasta sauce, Baked beans, Tinned meat, Tinned vegetables, Tea/coffee, Tinned fruit, Biscuits, UHT milk – 1 litre, Fruit juice/squash, Fish – tins, Sugar – 1kg, Custard – tins, Rice pudding tinned, Chocolate bars, Snacks – crisps/cereal bars, Jam, Instant mash, Noodles – packs, Toilet Roll, *Any cleaning products*