A message from our Community minded Legend Mr Wellstead.

Special praise I’d like to give out today to Lee Poulter and Nick Skilton who I asked if they could possibly drop food at food bank at 10 then collect from Morrison’s at 2 and 5 then drop off at Old Ruts.

Their day went something like this 11am drop off at food bank 11.30am collect 100 cartons of milk from Morrison’s take to old ruts and put in upstairs kitchen fridges 12.45 make up and deliver a food box 1.30 collect from Wetherspoons all there groceries and take / unload at old ruts 2.15 Morrison’s pick up and drop at old ruts ( each drop includes sorting items into correct sections ) 3pm 2 more food box drop offs 5pm Morrison’s pick up and take to Old Ruts 5.45 make up 2 more boxes and drop off at 2 different addresses in Merton 6.45 arrive home I haven’t got the heart to ask if they are still ok for tomorrow ( I know they will be ) just an example among many I’m sure of the effort and drive we all have for this PS I’ll let you know when they turn in for tomorrow’s shift 📷 COYD COYOR

Quality work Skilts and Trig and many, many more people.