Joint Community Scheme

Old Ruts helping in the Local Merton Community in collaboration @AFCWimbledon, @DonsLocalAction, The Alexander Pub @TheAlexSW19 @VolunteerMerton

A collective initiative from a number groups in the local community as follows.

When you go shopping and if you are able to add a few of the following items onto your shop, they can be delivered to, or collected from the Old Ruts by Volunteers and taken to the elderly, or needy folk in Merton ( inc our members ) who are unable to go out presently, or even at all.

The club will only be available for drop off between 8 – 5 on Saturdays . Also if you are available to spare some time can you please let us know as will need drivers to deliver / people to walk dogs / answer phones etc.

Cereal – large box and medium box, Soup, Pasta – 500g packs, Rice – 1kg or 500g packs, Bananas, Tinned tomatoes, Pasta sauce, Baked beans, Tinned meat, Tinned vegetables, Tea/coffee, Tinned fruit, Biscuits, UHT milk – 1 litre, Fruit juice/squash, Fish – tins, Sugar – 1kg, Custard – tins, Rice pudding tinned, Chocolate bars, Snacks – crisps/cereal bars, Jam, Instant mash, Noodles – packs, Toilet Roll, *Any cleaning products*