Ian ‘Boony’ Lennard

This is the post from Ian Lennard’s Employers Yesss Electrical, just shows how much Ian was thought of R.I.P.

Dear all contacts, friends, and colleagues on LinkedIn,

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to inform everyone that sadly Ian Lennard, our London Regional Manager, passed away suddenly on Sunday morning as a result of a massive heart attack on Saturday.

We are all absolutely devastated to hear this news as Ian was a truly wonderful man and not just a colleague but a personal friend to many people here at YESSS and the wider electrical wholesale community.

Ian had an absolute indomitable presence within our industry with over 30+ years served, with successful careers as a branch manager, was one of the founding members of YESSS Electrical in 2012 and built a fantastic business within his London region over 10 years, and the camaraderie amongst his regional branches and staff were built from mutual respect and the odd game of golf.

For all that knew him, Ian had a smashing sense of humour and always had a story or experience that would capture the audience and we will no doubt recall them when remembering Ian with a smile.

Ian leaves behind his wife Tracey, as well as 2 teenage daughters Lily and Mia, and our hearts go out to them all at this desperately sad time.

RIP Ian, we will never forget you and will remember all the good times together!

Ian David Lennard
16/04/73 – 05/06/22