Past Player Memories Part 8 – Matt Fisher

Nickname – Fish       

Ruts Appearances           195        

Ruts Goals – 4

Question 1 – When did you join the Old Ruts and why?

I have been a life member since I was 16. After many years of Thursday evening kick-abouts Gavin finally got his arse in gear, got us a kit and in a League (which we won first time) and here we all are now.

Question 2 – What was your most memorable match and why?

Winning the Joe Hankin Memorial Trophy as Manager and Captain

Question 3 – Who was the best Manager/Captain you played under?

Apart from me ?

Question 4 – Your funniest Ruts Football Memory.

Too many to pick, but has to be Greg Suares playing as keeper throwing the ball in his own net!

Question 5 – What is your least favourite Ruts Football Memory?

I don’t have any

Question 6 – Best Player you ever played with for the Ruts?

Graham Clayton, what a touch. But the ball had to go to his feet

Question 7 – Favourite Goal you scored or were part of in the build up?

My second goal -an edge of the box job.

Question 8 – Most embarrassing moment in a Ruts Shirt? (Playing or Socially)

 Roland Heal was in goal – taking the ball around him before calmly putting it in our net for a quality OG.