2019 -2020 Player Milestones

Club Appearances

Steve Berry                   700th                   1ST FEBRUARY 2020

Simon Minihane          600th                   11TH JANUARY 2020

Dean Riordan               300th                   26TH OCTOBER 2019

George Tidey                150th                   21ST SEPTEMBER 2019

Kieran O’Driscoll          100th                   26TH AUGUST 2019

Zac Graham                  100th                   23RD NOVEMBER 2019

Sam Maclean               100th                   11TH JANUARY 2000

Dima Silenko                100th                   21 SEPTEMBER 2019

There were no Goal Milestones this Season.

Our thanks go to Wally and Graham Winter for maintaining our Records. The awards will be presented in due course.